Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tool #1 Creating a Blog

I have just created my blog for the 11 Tools for the 21st Century. I am looking forward to learning more technology tools to use in my classroom. Last year I completed the 23 1/2 Things. I incorporated a few of those things in my classes this year and hope to add a few more next year.

There is so much on the web and so much to learn about technology... it is a bit overwhelming, but I want to keep my classes up to date. I took my World Area Studies class to a Global Issues Conference at Texas A & M at the beginning of May. Students worked in groups to research an issue and create a powerpoint to send in before the conference. The powerpoints were judged and students awarded 1st thru 3rd place. We were given the information requirements, but nothing was said about level of technology. The winning groups use animoto and other technology techniques. My classes will be better prepared next year to compete. Not only is knowledge important, but the presentation of that knowledge is equally important.

That is why I am doing 11 Tools.