Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reply to Tool #1 Global Issues Conference

I found out about the Global Issues Conference from Amy Thibaut, District Social Studies Coordinator. There was another Spring Branch school there, but I don't remember which school. I kept the program but it is packed in a box right now. I took 13 students. Many of them want to participate again next year and are willing to do research on their own, since they already had the class this year. I'm going to let my Model UN students know about it. Those who are not seniors doing AP or IB exams could participate. It would be a great way to end the year for them. Since it was the first week of May, it would be difficult for seniors to attend.

The conference issues were similar to what students study in Model UN. Students needed to look at the issues from a local, national and international perspective. They also needed to think about ways the issue could be addressed and perhaps come up with a solution.

My students did well with the information, but we were behind other groups in the sophistication of the technology used to present the information. We will definitely do better next year.

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  1. Now that the students have seen the level of technology that they need to use, I think they will be able to run with it. It was a fun conference and I want to go with you again next year.