Monday, June 21, 2010

Tool #8 Video Resources Part II

For some reason, the links to the two videos is not attaching to my blog. I clicked on the "insert link" icon and pasted the link in to the window, then clicked okay, but nothing happened.

Beckham link:

Battle of the Somme link:


  1. Valery,
    I did the same thing what you did and my video showed up. Did you save your video previously some place else on your computer and then add it pushing "brouse"button?

  2. No, I just did a "copy and paste" directly from the site like I do when adding a link to one of my powerpoints. I will have to try saving the link somewhere else, then adding it to my blog.

  3. You need to click on the embed script on youtube then copy paste that so the video link will play here.