Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tool #10 Exploring Mobile Technology & Apps

I don't own an iTouch or iPhone, but I know many people do. There are some really neat apps that my students could use in World Area Studies or in Model United Nations. There were several apps for newspapers in other countries. Two examples are Populii, which is a Malaysian news site. In fact, I saw two different apps for Malaysia. I thought that was pretty interesting, since Malaysia does not seem to be a major country. Another news app was the Irish Times. If our group was representing a country that has a news app, the students could keep up with what is happening in that country. Having accurate, up to date information, about countries and issues is very important for both the class and the MUN activity.

There was also Global News app and EcoTropical app. Both of those would be useful for issues students need to learn about.

I did not see any history apps, other than one on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I teach European and 20th Century History.

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