Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tool #3 Using image generators and mashups

Walk of Fame Animated custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more -

I created this on Image Chef. There are a couple of ways I could use this. Anya gave me one idea on her blog. I could put the name of a person we are studying in the "walk of fame" as a warm up and have the students write in their journals, giving me some reasons whether the person should be in the "walk of fame". Students could suggest names to put in the "walk of fame".

I also went to iMapFlickr. The idea of having a map and putting pictures with it sounded really neat. I use historical maps a lot to help the students follow what is happening to boundaries of countries as we move from one period of history to another. The instructions seemed rather straight forward. Step one... create a photoset on Flickr. I created one called Balkans and started looking for pictures and putting them in. However, when I went back and tried to access the photoset, I couldn't find it. Maybe the photoset is only for photos a person actually took, rather than being a collection of photos from the web. When I found a photo on Flickr that I wanted to use, I clicked on Gallery, per instructions. I guess "gallery" and "photoset" are not the same things.

I think it would be easier to save some photos from Flickr into a folder on my computer and use a map I save on my sandisk and add the photos to that.

In 23 Things I had already looked at or done something with Wordle, Glogster, Animoto and Comic Strip Generator. Of those, I liked Comic Strip Generator the best. I also had looked at BigHugeLabs. For 23 Things I used mosaic maker (I liked that a lot) and Badge Maker. I think Mosaic Maker would be neat to use with my Model UN students and in World Area Studies. Both groups have to research a country and they could also find pictures, create a mosaic and share with the group. I have to confess I forgot about Mosaic Maker once school started and did not use it this past year. I'm going to make better notes for myself so that I use it this next year.


  1. I like the idea of using image chief as a walk of fame. I also like the idea of using the pictures on a map. We will have to work together to see if we can make it work. Of course,your students would probably be able to figure it out right away. It is good that you got reintroduced to some of the things that you did with 23 things. I love wordle. It is a great way to introduce a unit. Could your model UN students make a mosaic and than make a badge that they could use at the conference?

  2. I want to have my MUN students make mosaics, but the conferences provide the badges. I don't know if they would appreciate my students having their own unique badges different from everyone else.