Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tool #8 Video Resources

I started using videos from You Tube this year in my World Area Studies class. It helped to add interest and variety to the class. Many of my students like to play soccer and when I found a video showing David Beckham traveling as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and showed it in class, students liked that and it added to the interest in discussing humanitarian work of the UN.

Finding the video also gave me an idea for a class project. Students could create a "persona" for themselves... they could be a famous photographer, sports personality, movie star, author... Students then chose a different specialized agency and became a goodwill ambassador for that agency, just like David Beckham.

World War I is a major topic in my 12th grade IB class. There are many videos on You Tube about both world wars. Right now I cannot find the video I used this past year. The British created a propaganda film from the Battle of the Somme. Part of the film was actual footage of the first days of the battle, part was staged. The following is a link with part of the film footage.

The students were very interested in videos and DVDs of actual footage. It makes the events we talk about more real, rather than academic.

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